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Web API and UI for Antares Simulator

This package works along with RTE's adequacy software Antares Simulator that is also hosted on github

Please see the Antares Web Documentation for an introductory tutorial, and a full user guide. Visit the Antares-Simulator Documentation for more insights on ANTARES.


antares-web is a server api interfacing Antares Simulator solver and studies management. It provides a web application to manage studies adding more features to simple edition.

This brings:

  • application interoperability : assign unique id to studies, expose operation endpoint api

  • optimized storage: extract matrices data and share them between studies, archive mode

  • variant management: add a new editing description language and generation tool

  • user accounts : add user management and permission system

Local installation

The local installation of this application use a bundled build of the web server to ease its launch as a kind of desktop application.

For Windows

  1. Download the lastest version here
  2. Unzip the package
  3. Go into the directory AntaresWeb-windows-vX.X.X (vX.X.X for the latest version)
  4. Launch this file AntaresWebServerShortcut . (It's important to run the shortcut and not the exe). You'll have this pop up

  1. Then go to http://localhost:8080, you can now use it.

When started, the application will be shown as a systray application (icon in the bottom right corner of the Windows bar)

For Linux

  1. Download the lastest version here
  2. Open a terminal where the zip was downloaded, unzip the package and go into the directory AntaresWeb-ubuntu-vX.X.X (vX.X.X for the latest version)
    cd AntaresWeb-ubuntu-vX.X.X
  3. Run this command to launch antaresWeb
  4. Then go to http://localhost:8080, you can now use it.


Antares-Web is currently under development. Feel free to submit any issue.